Semi/Truck Hire

We will transport your goods from A to B.

Looking for an affordable freight service in Cairns? at Bell’s Carrying & Crane Hire Service

We have more than 4 decades of experience transporting goods throughout Queensland— and have the mileage to prove it. All of our truck hire services come complete with an experienced operator for your peace of mind.


Truck Hire

Our truck hire will transport your goods in a time frame that suits you. We travel from Cairns and Townsville, to Ayr in the South, Coen in the North and Mount Isa in the West. This service can transport up to 8 tonnes in weight, and 9 metres in length.


HIAB Truck Hire

Our HIAB trucks will not only transport your heavy load from one destination to another, but will also lift and unload your goods with ease. Our range of HIAB trucks have the ability to cart up to 6.8 tonnes in weight and 9 metres in length. The mounted crane is 7.5 metres in height
and has a 6-metre reach.


Semi Hire

These specific trailers have the ability to cart up to 30 tonnes at any length.



Our Semi HIAB can cart up to 27 tonnes at any length.

All trucks & trailers include vehicle operator
We transport goods throughout Queensland
Low & affordable quotes that can not be matched
More than 4 decades of transportation experience
Our trucks & trailers can transport up to 27 tonnes